Dueling Network/Forum Suggestion Rules [IMPORTANT]

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Dueling Network/Forum Suggestion Rules [IMPORTANT]

Post  Zero2Hero on 2011-12-02, 16:39

Before making any post in the sections DN Suggestions and Forum Suggestions, read these rules carefully.

Before making any suggestion, read this:
List of Suggestions

If you make a suggestion already suggestion, it will be locked with you only getting that link.

Now for the Rules:
- When you make a Suggestion, be sure to give Details of what you are asking for so we can understand it better.

- Suggestions are ideas no matter what. Whether it's down right impossible to do, or not even needed, there is no need to insult whatsoever. Let us Staff members handle that.

- Do not flame, insult, make derogatory post, and troll here.

- Members, do not reject another members' suggestion, only Staff gets to reject suggestions. If you don't think it's useful, just state why, Suggestions are discussions between members and staff.

Those are just basic things that shouldn't have to be written.
Suggestions are always good to have, whether what's suggestion isn't needed or just impossible. It's a way for us to add what the user wants.

Remember, suggestions shouldn't be rejected because it isn't as important as other things on the to do list.

Thanks for your suggestions in Advance!
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