Can someone help me with my deck Gusto?

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Can someone help me with my deck Gusto?

Post  L. Velocity on 2012-01-24, 21:48

Look this is my deck gusto:

Monsters (22)

2X Caam Serenity of gusto
2X Kamui Hope of Gusto
1X Dandylion
3X Gusto Egul
1X Battle Fader
2X Gusto Falco
3X Gusto Griff
3X Gusto Gulldo
3X The Trick
1X Stardust Dragon/Assault mode
1X Red Dragon Archfiend/Assault Mode

Spells (9)

1X Creature Swap
2X Dark Core
1X Dark Hole
1X Heavy Storm
1X Monster Reborn
1X Scarlet Security
1X Lightining Vortex
1X Mystical Space Typhoon

Traps (9)

1X Mirror Force
1X Scrap Iron Scarecrow
1X Starlight Road
2X Bottonless Trap Hole
2X Dimensional Prision
2X Assault Mode Activate

Extra Deck (the best part)

1X Brionac Dragon of the Ice Barrier
1X Daigusto Gulldos
1X Daigusto Eguls
1X Daigusto Sphreeze
1X Red Dragon Archfiend
1X Red Nova Dragon
2X Stardust Dragon
1X Shooting Star Dragon
1X T.G Hyper Lybrarian
1X Throught Ruler Archfiend
1X formula Synchron
1X Psychic Lifetrancer
1X Lightining Warrior
1X Ally of Justice Catastor

My question is: what kind of letters would do well in this deck? Type a few that help summon monsters faster, and etc etc..
For those who ask for 3x The Tricky's because he's a cool combo with gusto griff (and almost always I get the two in hand, the eff's griff and that when he is discarted from the hand to the grave he summon a gusto from the deck)
It also has a problem: my deck's with some letters that invoke synchrons very fast, but has duels that impacts my deck, and step two or three duels without a win ....

I would like suggestions for cards that help solve these problems, any help will come in handy.

I duel in dueling, my nick is Lucas Velocity, if you want duel me, PM me k?

L. Velocity

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Re: Can someone help me with my deck Gusto?

Post  Skamory7 on 2012-02-07, 22:25

Put rising air current for support. Also, and 3 flying kamakiris and 1 simorgh, bird of ancestry. take out the assaults(and if you want put malefics instead).
hope this helps


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