Blast from the past ( need deck help)

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Blast from the past ( need deck help)

Post  THE PLAGUE on 2012-02-02, 01:27

Hi guys i like to have fun sometimes at the end of formats and run decks that have fallen out of favor years ago like this deck i think was last played comp. was i think 2006 its a updated version of recruter chaos anyway onto the deck

monsters 20

2x d-alch
2x cydra
2x ddwl
2x shining angel
2x ryko
3x mystic
2x breaker
2x chaos sorc
1x gale
1x gorz
1x sangan

spells 13

2x creature swap
2x mst
2x smashing ground
1x book of moon
1x dark hole
1x econ
1x heavy
1x reborn
1x pot of avarice

traps 8

2x bth
2x warning
2x seven tools
1x tt
1x mirror force

side 15

2x kycoo
2x crow
1x mole
2x soul release
2x leeching the light
2x dust
2x crevice into the different dimension
2x ced

extra 15

1x gaia knight, the force of earth
1x iron chain dragon
1x stardust
1x flamvell uruquizas
1x brd
1x brio
1x armory arm
1x black-winged dragon
1x colossal fighter
1x red dragon
1x ally of justice field marshal
1x chimeratech fortress dragon
1x gachi gachi
1x levitian
1x utopia

plz keep as budget as poss. bc people at my local dont know values and wont budge on prices my next local is sat. thank you for the help:EPICWIN:

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