Gem-Knight deck

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Gem-Knight deck

Post  mos795 on 2012-02-02, 04:19

Help me with my Gem-Knight deck please!

Monsters (19)
Gem-Knight Garnet (x3)
Gem-Knight Sapphire (x3)
Gem-Knight Tourmaline (x3)
Gem-Armadillo (x2)
Gem-Knight Alexandrite (x1)
Gem-Knight Iolite (x1)
Gem-Knight Obsidian (x1)
Gem-Knight Sanyx (x1)
Gem-Turtle (x1)
Neo-Spacian Grand Mole (x1)
Rescue Rabbit (x1)
Thunder King Rai-Oh (x1)

Spells (12)
Burial from a Different Dimension (x1)
Dark Hole (x1)
De-Fusion (x1)
Future Fusion (x1)
Gem-Knight Fusion (x3)
Monster Reborn (x1)
Mystical Space Typhoon (x1)
Pot of Avarice (x1)
Re-Fusion (x1)
Super Polymerization (x1)

Traps (9)
Bottomless Trap Hole (x1)
Dimensional Prison (x1)
Fiendish Chain (x1)
Gem-Enhancement (x1)
Mirror Force (x1)
Paradox Fusion (x1)
Pyroxene Fusion (x1)
Solemn Judgment (x1)
Solemn Warning (x1)

Extra Deck (15)
Gem-Knight Amethys (x1)
Gem-Knight Aquamarine (x1)
Gem-Knight Citrine (x1)
Gem-Knight Master Dia (x1)
Gem-Knight Prism Aura (x2)
Gem-Knight Ruby (x1)
Gem-Knight Seraphi (x1)
Gem-Knight Topaz (x1)
Gem-Knight Zirconia (x2)
Daigusto Emeral (x1)
Gem-Knight Pearl (x1)
Number 39: Utopia (x1)
Steelswarm Roach (x1)

Please comment, I'll take as many suggestions as I can get!

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Re: Gem-Knight deck

Post  MadnessLord on 2012-02-02, 11:15

Im not a big fan of the gemini gem-knights, cuz i only use rabbit-knights. I think the only worth is amber but he needs obsidian to "gemini-summon" him.

If u run 9 vanilla gem-knights then:
-1 Turtle (Belooow)
-1 Iolite
-1 Sanyx
-1 Alexandrite, i think he works only if u run crystal, cuz rabbit does a better job.
-1 Thunder King Rai-Oh Good card but not necessary here.
-1 Neo-Spacian Grand mole i dont know about this card but still if u want to use it then i will not stop u.

I think i left u whit 13 monsters so u can take 2 routes:
Add 3 volcanic shells, 3 Thunder dragons and 1 Rescue rabbit (so u have 2 now) that way 20 monsters. The shells and thunder dragons serve as materials for citrine and prism aura, they are important in a gem-knight deck. So u should max citrine at 3 and prism aura at 2 or 3.
Also thunder dragon works for Seraphi, but u should run her only if u run Amber.

Rescue rabbit serves as searcher for materials OR xyz lavalval chain.
Chain does the same work as gem-turtle except faster. Detach a material, send gem-knight fusion to the graveyard. Just banish the detached gem-knight to recover it.

The 2nd route is:
Add 2 Obsidian ( so u have 3 now), 3 Lazuli and 2 Rescue rabbits (so u have 3 now)that way 20 monsters.
Obsidian should be run always at 3 he recycles monsters and is a rock. The same goes for lazuli except she works also whit future fusion, d.d. reincarnation.

Now for spells:
-1 De-fusion
-1 Re-fusion
-1 Pot of avaricie (only run it if u play whit volcacnic shells or thunder dragons)
-1 Super poly (Maybe side it against light decks?)
-1 Burial (MM...ok card but not necessary)

1 Mystical space typhoon
1 Heavy storm
2 D.D.Reincarnation, this card works wonders in this deck, u could remove zirconia to get fusion back to ur hand then use this card to get him back discarding gem-knight fusion. Also recycles rescue rabbit and lazuli for more abuse.
Also try finding room for pot of duality.


I always thought traps someway slow a gem-knigth deck but is ok as long as u run a few ones.
I would say:
-1 Pyroxene fusion
-1 Bottomless
-1 Fiendish chain.

3 Common charity (Ur draw power)
1 Solemn warning.

Now u have 7 traps but 3 of them are chainable so dont have to worry about heavy storm too much.

Extra deck:
Ur extra deck is ok but ALWAYS max citrine at 3, he is the reason why u can stop gorz, rycko, crystal beats, sangan, tragoedia, mirror force, sakuretsu, honest, kalut, dimensional prison and i could list more but im too lazy Razz
To max citrine take seraphi and gem-knight pearl.
Also take roach or utopia or amethys to add lavalval chain.
Daigusto emeral is ok, he can even summon zirconia.

Well..thats all lol


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