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Wind-Up deck

Post  mos795 on 2012-02-02, 04:34

Please help me with my Wind-Up deck!

Monsters (19)
Delta Flyer (x2)
Wind-Up Honeybee (x2)
Wind-Up Juggler (x1)
Wind-Up Kitten (x2)
Wind-Up Knight (x2)
Wind-Up Magician (x3)
Wind-Up Rat (x1)
Wind-Up Shark (x3)
Wind-Up Snail (x1)
Wind-Up Soldier (x2)

Spells (12)
Book of Moon (x1)
Dark Hole (x1)
Heavy Storm (x1)
Legendary Wind-Up Key (x2)
Monster Reborn (x1)
Mystical Space Typhoon (x1)
Pot of Avarice (x1)
Weights and Zenmaisures (x1)
Wind-Up Factory (x2)
Zenmailfunction (x1)

Traps (9)
Bottomless Trap Hole (x1)
Dimensional Prison (x1)
Mirror Force (x1)
Overwind (x2)
Solemn Judgment (x1)
Solemn Warning (x1)
Zenmailstrom (x1)
Zenmairch (x1)

Extra Deck (x15)
Ally of Justice Catastor (x1)
Ancient Fairy Dragon (x1)
Black Rose Dragon (x1)
Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier (x1)
Stardust Dragon (x1)
Daigusto Emeral (x1)
Gem-Knight Pearl (x1)
Leviair the Sea Dragon(x1)
Number 17: Leviathan (x1)
Number 39: Utopia (x1)
Number 61: Volcasaurus (x1)
Steelswarm Roach (x1)
Wind-Up Zenmaio (x1)
Wind-Up Zenmaity (x1)
Wind-Up Zenmaines (x1)

Please comment, I'll take as many suggestions as I can get!

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