Consistent steelswarms

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Consistent steelswarms

Post  Chimera573 on 2012-02-04, 14:50

Finally, a consistent steelswarm build! tongue
DAD x1
Caller x3
Gatekeeper x2
Genome x3
Girastag x3
Hercules x1
Mantis x1
Moth x2
Scout x3
Verz Castor x3
Verz Mandrago x3

Allure x1
First Step x2
Pandemic infestation x2
PoD x3
Reborn x1
Heavy x1
MST x2
Recurring Nightmare x2

Dustshoot x1

Extra: 15
Catastor x1
Brio x1
Scrap dragon x1
trish x1
Gachi x2
Pearl x1
Leviathan dragon x1
Utopia x1
Verz Ophion x2
Verz Bahamut x2
Verz Ourorobos x1
Disigma x1


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