Anti-Meta Remove From Play Deck Help

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Anti-Meta Remove From Play Deck Help

Post  ChickenGoesMoo on 2012-02-04, 17:56

I kind of made this deck on my own it focuses on removing from play my opponents monsters and overwhelming them with Chaos Sorcerer, Shadow Monarch and BLS here is how it looks like right now:

Battle Fader 1x
BLS 1x
Gale 1x
Caius 2x
Chaos Sorcerer 2x
Cyber Dragon 1x
D.D Crow 2x
D.D Warrior Lady 1x
Dark Armed Dragon 1x
Dimensional Alchemist 1x
Effect Veiler 2x
Gorz 1x
Kycoo The Ghost Destroyer 1x
Marshmallon 1x
Neo Spacian Grand Mole 1x
Sangan 1x
Thunder King 3x
Tour Guide 2x
Book of Moon 1x
Dark Hole 1x
Heavy Storm 1x
Monster Reborn 1x
Black Horn of Heaven 1x
Bottomless Trap Hole 2x
Dark Bribe 2x
Dimensional Prison 3x
Divine Wrath 1x
Mirror Force 1x
Solemn Judgement 1x


I'm actually winning a lot of my matches with this but I just want some feedback on it any help on taking something out/ putting something in would be great. (I'm trying to keep sort of an even amount between light and dark monsters.)


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Re: Anti-Meta Remove From Play Deck Help

Post  minervx on 2012-02-04, 19:50

- divine wrath
- 2 bribes
+ honest
+ trap dustshoot
+ dimensional alchemistt


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