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Post  OmniFizzle on 2012-02-05, 04:12

I'd been wanting to make a Macro removal deck for a while and after a bit of testing and whatnot this is what I've been able to come up with..
What do you guys think?

Monsters 22:
Battle Fader 2x
Caius 3x
Cyber Valley 3x
D.D. Scout Plane 2x
D.D. Survivor 3x
D.D. Warrior Lady 1x
Genex Ally Birdman 2x
Kuraz 1x
Mobius 1x
Raiza 3x

Spells 9:
Allure of Darkness
Dark Hole
Dimensional Fissure 3x
MST 3x
Soul Exchange 1x

Traps 9:
Bottomless 1x
Dimensional Prison 2x
Macro Cosmos 2x
Solemn Judgment 1x
Solemn Warning 2x
Starlight Road 1x

I've thought about adding another Soul Exchange in but I can't decide..

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Re: MacroMonarch

Post  MrChillmatic on 2012-02-05, 05:41

-1 TKRO (Imo, it's not a card that you can play 1 copy of)
-1 Kuraz

+1 Mirror Force
+1 Torrential Tribute

Try Fake Trap as a side option, it might seem weird but protects your Macro Cosmos from MST, Ryko, Breaker, Heavy...

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