My Photon Deck

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My Photon Deck

Post  Ash Kang on 2012-02-06, 00:05

I currently try to use this deck whether it works or not.

Daybreaker x3
Galaxy-eyes photon dragon x2
Guardian of order
Photon cerberus x2
Photon crusher x2
Photon leo x2
Photon lizard x2
Photon sabre tiger x3
Photon thrasher x2
Photon wyvern
Thunder king rai-oh x2

Dark hole
Monster reborn
Mystical space typhoon x2
Photon booster x2
Photon lead x2
Photon sanctuary x2
Photon veil x2

Dimensional prison x2
Lumenize x2
Mirror force
Scrap-iron scarecrow x2
Solemn judgment
Solemn warning x2

Extra Deck:
Daigusto emeral x2
Number 16: shock ruler conqueror of colors x2
Number 17: leviathan dragon x2
Number 39: utopia x3
Number 50: black corn x2
Number c39: utopia ray x2
Steelswarm roach x2

If there got suggestion or better idea, dont hesitate to comment here.
Ash Kang

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