OriCa tutorial - please comment

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OriCa tutorial - please comment

Post  Abcdefg7 on 2012-02-08, 18:43

Yes yugioh players, i know how to make oricas. They are quite simple really but require some money and time. They are not very difficult, you just have to be patient.

First you need to know how they make yugioh cards. They take a cardboard card(back of the yugioh card) and print the back design on to it. Then they take clear transfer paper (window decal paper or clear paper) and print a design on it. Then they take blank holos and put the clear transfer paper ontop of it. Then they put that on top of the cardboard and stamp the sticker on.

You will need
Pure Acitone
Window Decal Paper
Holos from Hidden Arsenal 1 or below
Cotton Balls
Gimp or Photoshop
Black, Yellow, Tan, Brown ultra fine tip sharpies
Spray adhesive

first lightly slide a cottonball with acitone onto the card to remove the ink, do this on the face and not the back! If you want you can tape the card to the area you are working on. Dont slide to hard with the cottonball, you can scratch the card.

Then print a picture of an orica onto the window decal paper.
You can design them on Photoshop or Gimp also.

Then you need to spray the card with the adheisive and then put the decal paper on.

There you go, your holo orica.

Sharpies - if you get acitone on the back of the card you can go over the spots in sharpie that are white. Acitone will remove all color! DONT GET IT ON THE BACK OF THE CARD!

Thank you for listening

I will post how to make orica designs also.


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