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T.G. Token Deck

Post  jmura1776 on 2012-02-09, 19:46

This is my deck in IRL:

1x Attack Gainer
3x Cosmic Compass
2x Doppelwarrior
1x Gallis the Star Beast
1x Master of the Flaming Dragonswords
2x Saambell the Summoner
1x Spore
3x Poki Draco
1x Top Runner
3x T.G. Catapult Gragon
1x T.G. Cyber Magician
3x T.G. Jet Falcon
1x T.G. Rush Rhino
1x T.G. Striker
3x T.G. Warwolf
2x Unknown Synchron


1x Polymerization
3x TGX1-HL
3x TGX300
2x Token Sundae


1x Dimensional Prison
3x TG-SX1
3x TG1-EM1
1x TGX3-DX2
1x Solemn Warning

Extra Deck:

1x Colossal Fighter
1x Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste
1x Gaia Knight, Force of Earth
1x Iron Chain Dragon
1x Red Dragon Archfiend
2x T.G. Power Gladiator

If there is something that I should add to the deck, let me know about it.
Currently, I cannot add more cards to this deck because I am out of card sleeves to put them in.

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