The Roids are Back!

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The Roids are Back!

Post  TheBlackRoseGuy on 2012-02-10, 20:41

Roids are awesome!

x3 Truckroid (DEFENSE)
x2 Drillroid
x2 Expressroid (good card +)
x2 Stealthroid

x2 Submarineroid
x2 Steamroid
x2 Gyroid

x3 Tour Guide
x3 Magical Merchant
BLS- Envoy of the Beginning

Elemental Hero Stratos
x3 E-hero Prisma
Dark Hole
x2 Gold Sarc
x3 Vehicroid Connection Zone
x1 Fusion Gate
x3 Chain Material
x2 Trap Stun
x1 Judgement of Anubis

x1 Zenmaines
x1 Leviair
x1 Utopia

x3 Shining
x1 Tornado
x1 Zero

x2 Super Vehicroid - Stealth Union
x2 Super Vehicroid - Jumbo Drill
x1 Steam Gyroid
x1 Barbaroid
x1 Chimeratech Fortress

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