Satisfaction Revamped looking to recruit some members

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Satisfaction Revamped looking to recruit some members

Post  sparkybob1994 on 2012-02-15, 19:31

Yes this is team satisfaction revamped and we are are looking for good players(obviously) that are pretty active and are just cool people. This team is pretty relaxing so i find it fun.

Yes some requirements are needed

must have rating over 1000
must use a non meta deck or something creative enough for our liking ( this does not mean you can make it with a 48 card bad deck it must be good non top tier not net decked type of deck)
must be able to use logMein hamachi
must pass our testing exam ( not necessarily win just impress with knowledge of game/strategy etc)

you can pm your main deck to me. Note you can use meta decks in your free time but when we war your main deck must be non meta ( not necessarily just anti meta it just has to be tier 2ish and below.
Your main deck can be ocg we don't really care.
We have wared on the other site and had a winning record ( about 6 wins 2 loses) so we are competitive but we don't use meta decks so it makes us different from most other teams. We will war soon so you join in on the fun? of that

tester are myself, jkskla,masterzanza and frontmowt

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