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Nordic Deck

Post  KinRyuTen on 2012-02-15, 22:28

This is the completed deck I've worked on for a solid month now, and if anyone could leave any tips, that would be great. I want to incorporate all three of the Aesir strongly.

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Re: Nordic Deck

Post  Heimdall on 2012-02-16, 06:18

I'll tell you this much. The Aesir can be brought down easily against competitive decks, so reviving them with their effects will be crucial. Throw a Burial From a Different Dimension in there. It'll get your tuners back in the grave so you can revive them more.

Loki's summon eats a lot from your hand, no matter who you use as the tuner. The only good way to summon him is to have an Aesir on the field and drop Dverg, Ljosalf, and a Svartalf in that order. Even so, you'd still be getting less cards in your hand, and the summon can always be negated. Stick with Mara and your Lv 4 Nordics if you find the above idea too risky.

I also suggest dropping or at least siding 2 Tyr and replace them with 2 Ljosalf. With another Nordic on the field, you can drop another with his effect.

On to Nordic Beasts, and thus Thor. Super-Nimble Mega Hamster is a must if you wanna drop Thor above the others. Depending on the situation, you can Special Summon Tanngrisnir (to protect your LP) or Tanngnjostr (to Flip Summon on the next turn to summon another Nordic Beast). The latter strategy can help drop Thor faster, as the only tuner for Nordic Beasts, Guldfaxe, has no restriction on who you wanna tune with. In this case, I recommend a Mind Control so you can use your opponent's monster for the Synchro Summon, just as long as it adds to LV 10.

Then we have Odin. Even though Vanadis needs Nordics as the Synchro Materials, she's actually pretty flexible. Two Nordic Beast Tokens, plus using her effect to make her LV 3 and you got yourself a Trishula. Smile If you still wanna go for Odin, then the best way is to have 2 Level 3 monsters on the field. Which means you found another use for Tanngjostr and Tanngrisnir. Flip Summon Tanngnjostr (or switch him to ATK) and use his effect to drop Tanngrisnir, and after that summon Vanadis.

Valkyrie is good for an instant Synchro Summon, if you have no other options left and no cards left on the field (or at least 1-3 Gleipnir Set). If you have any Gleipnir Set, flip them all on your opponent's EP or the start of your turn, get Valkyrie and anything else you won't need (or more Nordic Ascendant Tuners) and Banish two of your Nordics to get the Tokens. Just keep in mind that her effect isn't very reliable, and could leave you vulnerable if your opponent uses Effect Veiler on her. Otherwise, you're good to go with the Odin summon.

Burial From a Different Dimension (like I suggested earlier in this post) is useful with Valkyrie's effect. If you Banished two Tuners with Valkyrie's effect, you can bring them to the grave with Burial, allowing you to revive Odin more times than you would have done so with one Tuner.

Just keep in mind that Nordics, like most decks, are vulnerable to Macro Cosmos. Imperial Iron Wall may be a good card to side.

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