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number 7

Post  joshjones on 2012-02-17, 06:02

ok, just saw a build and was thinking it over and realized it could make lucky stripes so i just messed with the build and haven't tested it to much but still here it is.

3x geb, the holy marked dragon
3x isis, the holy marked dragon
3x shu, the holy marked dragon
2x tefnut, the holy marked dragon
3x red eyes
1x meteor dragon
2x red eyes darkness dragon

1x future fusion
2x mst
1x heavy storm
1x book of moon
1x reborn
1x dark hole
1x mind control
1x book of moon
1x pot of avarice
2x super rejuvenation
2x e cons
3x holy marker of the gathering

2x burst breath
2x solemn warning
1x solemn judgment
1x torrential tribute
1x mirror force

1x five-headed dragon
1x meteor b. dragon
2x lucky stripes
3x big eye
2x atum the holy marked dragon emperor
2x the sacred plotemys
1x black corn
1x roach
2x utopia


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