I keep losing connection!

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I keep losing connection!

Post  JoeyFanGirl on 2012-02-17, 17:22

Ok, I've been on DN for about a month now, and within the last couple weeks, I started losing connection whenever I get on in the evening. I checked in the FAQ, but it's not the same problem. It will connect, but after anywhere between 5 seconds and 8 minuets, it always disconnects. It's really irritating! Why does this keep happening?
And I saw a topic about this before, but It was locked before anyone answered it. (looks like a corporate cover-up to me. silent )

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Re: I keep losing connection!

Post  EvErLoyaLEagLE on 2012-02-24, 03:35

Your connection is usually based on your internet/wireless properties, such as: do you play at home, on campus, in a public wi-fi hot spot, etc. Based on their signal strength and how close you are to it determines how good your connection is.

If you're having trouble with your connections, try these options:

1. Move closer to your wireless source if you think you might be too far from it.
2. Use a faster browser such as Firefox or Chrome.
3. Connect directly to your home/room modem with an ethernet cord to the device.
4. Switch to a better internet service provider such as Verizon Fios.

Otherwise, I don't have any other tips for you, but keep searching the forums and contact administrators for help.


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