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Cross Plattform App

Post  cbaidon45 on 2012-02-17, 21:38


Im new to the page and have been dueling for a while, I'm using a mac and i see some stuff it could be done to improve the site.

1.- Many browsers and OS's seem to have problems with coming into the page, usually you have to clear the cache, or get the recommendation of using google chrome. But what if we do a java app that connects directly to the server? That would mean no more flash troubleshoot, and browser complaints, and we could even add chat and stuff. For instance most of the deck constructing and Profile editing would be done in the page, but as java works on any OS and doesn't depend on browser or flash, that would be a time saver.

2.- I think there should be a part where you explain how rating and exp is calculated, i couldn't find that page around



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