Mark and test room.

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Mark and test room.

Post  Theocritos on 2012-02-18, 13:10

I would like to suggest 2 things. First one is easy to add, while second is big project.

In Profile Viewer, beside Add Friend, Watch Duel and PM, we need something like Mark button. That button would change the color of the name in Public Chat and on Dueling Rooms of the user you Marked. User could be marked because of non-sport behavior, not fallowing the rules or other reason. It doesn't matter... Just mark person you don't want to duel with and avoid it in Dueling Rooms.

Second ( which is not going into realization, probably )
Add Test room. Choose 10 users from every Time Zone and make them Testers. They would be available for new users or experienced ones for testing their new decks. Also, every tester could be downwvoted or upvoted, and when tester reach 100 upvotes he would be 'promoted' to admin.

So, tell what you thing about these 2 suggestion, and what you think: Could first one be applied?


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Re: Mark and test room.

Post  Chief on 2012-02-18, 23:31

You can you know... just not accept a person who clicks into your duel request.
No to both.

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