My Blackwing Deck

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My Blackwing Deck

Post  thesly on 2012-02-20, 11:32

Is there anything, you think, that I should change or something?

20 Monsters:
Dark Armed Dragon
Caius the Shadow Monarch
x3 Shura the Blue Flame
x3 Bora the Spear
Sirocco the Dawn
x2 Blizzard the Far North
x2 Mistral the Silver Shield
Elphin the Raven
Gale the Whirlwind
Kalut the Moon Shadow
Zephyros the Elite
Verz Freis
Air Hummingbird
Cyber Dragon

11 Spells:
Black Whirlwind
Black-Winged Strafe
x2 Mystical Space Typhoon
Heavy Storm
Lightning Vortex
Pot of Avarice
x2 Dark Eruption
Dark Hole
Monster Reborn

9 Traps:
x2 Icarus Attack
Mirror Force
x2 Dark Illusion
Scrap-Iron Scarecrow
Dimensional Prison
Bottomless Trap Hole
Fiendish Chain

9 Extras:
Number 39: Utopia
x2 Vortex the Whirlwind
x2 Armed Wing
x2 Armor Master
x2 Silverwind the Ascendant

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Re: My Blackwing Deck

Post  itsjustjosh on 2012-02-20, 12:48

-x1 Caius
-x1 Raven
-x1 Verz
-x2 Mistril the Sheild
-x1 Cyber Dragon
-x1 Air Humming
-X1 B-wing Strafe
-x1 Pot of Avraice
-x2 Dark Eruption
-x1 Lightning Vortex
-x1 Scrap-Iron
-x2 Dark Illusion
-x1 Dim Prision

+1 Sirooco
+1 Blizzard
+1 Gorz
+3 Thunder King Raioh
+2 Effect Veiler
+1 Book of Moon
+1 Mind Control
+2 Solemn Warning
+1 Solemn Judgment
+1 Torrential Tribute
+1 Fiendish Chain
+1 Trap Dustshoot
[AW] Aesir Warriors
[AW] Aesir Warriors

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