A way to connect DN on school network

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A way to connect DN on school network

Post  ignisterra on 2012-02-22, 07:24

If you have problems to connect on DN while you are connected on your school wireless network because of restrictions and the firewall.

I am trying on the "up7d" network which is the Paris 7 Diderot University Wireless Network to connect on DN: I am blocked on the the "Connecting" screen.


Don't close DN tab, u will be able to go back to it after normally.

The idea is using proxy servers and try to by-pass your school firewall with a software like Frozenway for example.

First of all, try to connect on FrozenWay website: http://www.frozenway.com/index.php

If you can't connect on this site because it is blocked by your school firewall too. You can't continue any further. Sad

If not, go on the website, register a free account (which is limited to 128kbps but free Smile ), download Frozenway.

Register: Tab "Mon Compte"


Username: Your username
Password: Your Password
Confirmez: Re-enter your Password
Adresse E-mail: A valid E-mail Adress

Download: Tab "Téléchargement"


Un-zip it, launch it, install the network driver they ask you and login with your username and password you register.


After logging in, click on "connection" which will connect you automatically on a server (or you can choose the server you want in the tab "Serveurs".

Then, go back on the DN tab on Mozilla (I haven't tested on other browsers yet) and normally it manage to connect and you will be in the menu screen.


Duel !

I hope it could help you.


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