Quickdraw Synchrons

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Quickdraw Synchrons

Post  deept97 on 2012-02-23, 17:47

Hey everyone. I'm fairly new to the forum (not to DN however) and as I've been browsing the discussions on the new Banlist and what it means for the format, and most of what I saw was people saying that Sychros are dead. I disagree. Sure, the usual Plant Synchro has pretty much been killed with the banning of glow-up and spore, but there are plenty of other iterations that may just surprise you.

Anyway I've been running this deck (real life) since the pre-September 11 list. Um its gone through a couple changes (like every good deck) but this is what I have now. Any comments or suggestions would be great.

Quickdraw Synchro
Monsters: 21
Fabled Soulkius
Thunder King Rai-oh
Junk Synchron x 2
Quickdraw Synchron x 2
Quillbolt Hedgehog x 2
Level Eater x 2
Doppelwarrior x 2
D.D. Sprite
Glow Up Bulb
Effect Veiler x 2
Maxx "C" x 2
Morphing Jar

Spell: 10
Mystical Space Typhoon x 2
Tuning x 2
Reinforcement of the Army
Swords of Revealing Light
Monster Reborn
Mind Control
Dark Hole
Pot of Avarice

Trap: 9
Solemn Warning x 2
Solemn Judgment
Fiendish Chain x 2
Bottomless Trap Hole x 2
Safe Zone x 2

Extra: 15
Stardust Dragon
Formula Synchron
Shooting Star Dragon
Shooting Quasar Dragon
Red Dragon Archfiend
Red Nova Dragon
Ally of Justice Catastor
Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
Black Rose Dragon
T.G. Hyper Librarian
Junk Warrior
Junk Archer
Junk Destroyer
Drill Warrior
Turbo Warrior

If anyone has any suggestions on what to replace glow-up with please let me know. I'm also thinking of subbing in something else for Soulkius (though it's pretty decent for dumping key cards in the grave and a free special) and maybe Rai-oh since I havent seen much play with him.


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Re: Quickdraw Synchrons

Post  itsjustjosh on 2012-02-24, 06:12

-Morph Jar
-Fabled Souk
+2 Syncrhon Explorers
[AW] Aesir Warriors
[AW] Aesir Warriors

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