Diva of the Sprites Turbo

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Diva of the Sprites Turbo

Post  Abcdefg7 on 2012-02-24, 00:12

Hey was up,
This deck is 100% homemade, it uses very fast cards to synchro summon without the plant engine. Its main tuners are Divas, Sprites, and Birdmans, these are very good because they synchro fast.

The main turbo non tuners are, gilasauruses, boost warriors, jesters, and warwolfs.
You may say, hey wait, tengu isn't in this list, well it isn't a main non tuner. If you play this deck you won't draw it as much and even if you do it isn't as effective.

Here is the decklist
[img] [/img]

Please help me with this deck, and comment please

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