My Gladiator Beast Deck

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My Gladiator Beast Deck

Post  DECL4N on 2012-02-24, 21:17

this is my deck could I improve it in anyway

X3 Laquari
X2 Darius
X2 Equeste
X1 Bestiari
X1 Murmilo
X1 Reterai
X1 Hoplomus
X2 Test Tiger
X1 Grand Mole

X2 Proving Ground
X2 Shrink
X1 Book of moon
X1 Monster Reborn
X1 Dark Hole

X3 War chariot
X3 Dimensional Prison
X2 Bottomless
X2 Waboku
X2 Dark Bribe
X2 Solemn Warning
X1 Solemn Judgement
X1 Starlight
X1 Mirror force

40 cards


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Re: My Gladiator Beast Deck

Post  jriede95 on 2012-02-24, 23:36

Bribe -1
Shrink -1

Gorz +1
Forbidden Lance +1

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