Help, Advive on a The Sacred Deck

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Help, Advive on a The Sacred Deck

Post  rednightmare on 2012-02-25, 12:02


Deck List
The Sacred Hawwa x2
The Sacred Schet x2
The Sacred Sheratan x3
The Sacred Leonis x2
The Sacred Gredi x2
The Sacred Pollux x3
The Sacred Kaust x3
The Sacred Esca x3

Soul Exchange x2
Pot Avarice
Dark Hole
Heavy Storm
MST x2
Mind Control
Book of Moon
Instant Fusion x2
Solemn Judgment
Solemn Warning x2
Mirror Force
Torrential tribute
Compulsory Evacuation Device x2

The Sacred Hyades
The Sacred Beehive x2
The Sacred Omega x2
The Sacred Pleiades x2
The Sacred Ptolemys
Leviathan Dragon
Tiras Keeper of genesis x2
Ojama Knight x2


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