Watt is this Junk!?

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Watt is this Junk!?

Post  Yosei-chan on 2012-02-25, 19:57

While Watts are infamous for their old Hopper Lockdown, which with Trishula gone, is still prone to being ruined by cards like BLS, Chaos Sorcerer and the latter of decks that have single destruction power or removal. Now while Watts in general are weak and lack any true defense other than their direct attacks, they do make up for it in their special effects. While their effects are pretty decent, they still suffer backdraws to cards like Effect Veiler while on the field and so on. That is why I put something in the mix. The old familiar archetype, Batterymen. Though, Batterymen had a great run their early days, they fail in comparison to the newer Archetypes making them pretty much laughable. While this may be true. Most Watts are low-leveled making them easily retrieved by most means if they hit the graveyard and especially with a monster like Junk Synchron, why bother just wasting Inferno on only the Batterymen?

Main Deck = 40

1. Wattdragon
3. Batteryman AA
2. Batteryman Charger
2. Batteryman Micro-Cell
1. Honest
2. Junk Synchron
1. Quickdraw Synchron
3. Wattcobra
3. Wattdragonfly
2. Wattfox
1. Dark Hole
1. Heavy Storm
2. Inferno Reckless Summon
1. Monster Reborn
2. Mystical Space Typhoon
2. Photon Lead
1. Pot of Avarice
1. Short Circuit
2. Tuning
2. Bottomless Trap Hole
1. Mirror Force
1. Solemn Judgment
1. Solemn Warning
2. Threatening Roar

Side Deck = 15

3. Consecrated Light
2. Doomcaliber Knight
2. Lightray Daedalus
2. Thunder King Rai-Oh
2. Fiendish Chain
2. Gozen Match
2. Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror

Extra Deck = 15

1. Ally of Justice Catastor
1. Black Rose Dragon
1. Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
1. Junk Berserker
1. Junk Destroyer
1. Junk Gardna
1. Junk Warrior
1. Nitro Warrior
1. Wattchimera
1. Watthydra
1. Grenosaurus
1. Lavalval Chain
1. Number 17: Leviathan Dragon
1. Wind-Up Zenmaines
1. Wind-Up Zenmaister


While both Watts and Batterymen are great alone, they lack defined support. I bundled both together and achieved this deck.

Watt-Engine: Watts search each other through their effects. Wattcobra, when inflicting battle damage it allows me to add a "Watt" Monster from my deck to my hand. Wattdragonfly is also a little bugger. It's effect applies when destroyed by any mean, making it still resolve when removed by cards like Dimensional Fissure. This can also create a Deck Thinning engine that doesn't promote simple milling but adding to the hand or to the field for either tribute or Synchro Material. While this engine is great, Cobra also lures out Mirror Force, Solemn Warnings, Magic Cylinders and Dimensional Prisons as most consider "every life-point counts". While this may be true it is a waste on a card that poses no real threat other than deck thinning, plus being able to overpass set cards can ruin combos from the opponent. Along with Dragonfly having no level restriction, this allows for their boss card. WATTDRAGON to hit the field and lure out Bottmless Trap Holes or even set-up for a quick OTK or massive devastation as the monster is at 2500 Atk and only requires a single tribute to hit the field.

Inferno Reckless Summon: While Batteryman AA is the keycard. There is also other special summons occurring in the deck. Such as Junk Synchrons effect retrieving a Wattdragonfly. Meaning swarming the field with three dragonflies and proceeding to synchro for a level 5 to 7. Proceeding a possible game changer or target for the opponent. As well with a card like Photon Lead, it makes it a great way to combo and go for Cobra burn at 3000.

Wall and Stall: Recently, I read some of Inferno Reckless Summons inability to activate during the damage step. Making it sorta iffy with a card like Micro-Cell. While this is true, Mirror Force, Threatening Roar, Solemn and Bottomless help ruin strategies and stall for a turn for a quick set-up.

Anti-Dark/Elemental/Field-Control: Gravekeepers, Inzektors and Darkworld Decks can really crush this deck big time if they get their set-up, but with cards like Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror, Consecrated Light, and Thunder King Rai-Oh makes them absolutely obsolete. Another issue is decks that run more than a single attribute; such as Heroes and Gladiator Beasts. Gozen Match can simply take care of this by limiting it on the field due to this decks flexibility of being able to run off just all LIGHT Attribute. Another Keycard in this is also Anti-Field. Cards like Necrovalley that limit this decks abilities can bite the dust with an easy summon of Lightray Daedalus and his destruction effect.

Now, tell me what you think. Feedback greatly appreciated. Suggestions will be taken as well.

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