Accounts and premature deleting?

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Accounts and premature deleting?

Post  Imati_Cuetlachtli on 2012-02-27, 18:31

Hi I am relatively new to this online community but you guys delete accounts after 10 days since i never originally posted something.

My two-part question is why do you do this when you encourge people not to spam post just to get post on their record and then delete sccounts when the don't post after 10 days?

I mean no rudeness i find the practice a little paradoxial at best if not completely contradictive. I honestly am just wondering why the "inactivitely" req. for this to be extended or perhaps a better idea is to change it to where the said user is asked after a longer period of time if they still would like to keep that same said forum acct. active.

thank you for reading, again no disresect i just find the current system flawed. I may not post something in 10 days but maybe every other week i have an issue i need to post about and then i'd still need to resign-up for this forum every time and my rep would never improve as i understand it because they would always be new accounts i'd have to post with if i didnt post something evey 10 days.
Thank you for you time!

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