Gusto Troll!

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Gusto Troll!

Post  XxBraedonxX on 2012-02-28, 11:45

I haven't tested this deck too much, but I feel as though it is a bit off. It has won 7/8 thus far. Any tips?

The object of this deck is to summon Diagusto Sphreeze ASAP, hopefully reduce it's attack with Tryce and attach Heart of Clearwater to another Gusto, and, if possible, summon Lava Golem to the other side of the field, and then repeatedly attack the opponent with monsters that cannot be destroyed by battle and the opponent receives the battle damage from.

Any tips on this deck? I feel as though Shrink may help a bit, or Axe of Despair to equip the the opponent.
I think I need to fit in Fiendish Chain, too


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