Read Before Posting - Posting in the Intro Section

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Read Before Posting - Posting in the Intro Section

Post  Adept VantageSP on 2011-08-13, 02:07

Please read this topic before posting in the intro section.

The intro section is a section where you can welcome in new members and get to know them. Please be aware of some simple things before posting.

-Be kind to new members. Please be "welcoming" when replying to a new members posts. We want new members to feel welcome on DN forums and we don't want to make them feel out of place.

-Please do not spam the intro section for quick posts. One word posts such as "Welcome" are considered spam and will result in a deleted post. Repeated offenses will result in the appropriate consequences being dealt.

-Do not necro old intro topics. Chances are they are already acquainted with the forum and don't need further welcoming. If you necro an old intro topic it will be locked.

-Casual conversation is okay as long as it has meaning. Don't spam simple conversations in peoples intro topics. Use the chatbox to have conversations. You can chat about the new member and common interests though, just don't use small answers.

- Do not hijack others intros. Make your own topic. Do not go into someone else' s intro topic and post your own intro. It will be deleted.

-Generic posts (or templating) is okay, just try and connect with the topic creator if you can.

e.x. "Welcome to the forum, have fun!"

-Do not make intro topics if you have been on the forum for a while or have a significant post count. There is no good reason for this.

E.x You joined on Augest 13th 2011. DO not make an intro topic on September 4th 2011. It is too late.

If you have a high post count (for a new member, roughly 50+) you shouldn't be making an intro topic.

I just want to say one thing. Please actually read the Topic Creator's intro post. Even if it is a wall of text. The least you could do is read what they have to say. You never know, you may find something you have in common with them and can chat about it with them in the topic. This makes it more welcoming for the new member. Simply putting a generic "Welcome" message just makes it seem like you are uninterested. Reading there post gives you a chance to connect with them and make them feel more welcome!
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