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Black Screen FAQ

Post  Adept VantageSP on 2011-08-14, 16:22

Have you ever gotten just a Black Screen when you go to DN? Well you have come to the right place for answers to the problem. There are several things that can cause this problem. First I will start with the most obvious, then lead into some of the more rare occasion. I will also provide some quick tips,etc.

The Problem:
Why do I see a black screen when I go to Dueling Network, and how can I fix this?

Dueling Network is Flash based. The Background color of DN is black. So if you are only seeing a Black webpage when visiting DN it means that the Flash is not working for you (since it is not appearing). How can you fix this and make the Flash apper? Well I will go over several things you can do to help solve this issue.

Flash Player

First off is the most obvious. You need to have Flash installed on you computer. If you don't know how where to download it or how to get it I will provide a link. Dueling Network is Flash based, so if you do not have a Flash player you will not be able to access/see DN. If you have Flash and it is still not working, check its software version. You may need the latest version of Flash and the problem might be that your Flash player is not up to date. If you want a noob friendly way of finding out if your Flash player is not up to date is going to Youtube. Youtube will flat out tell you that your Flash player is not up to date.

Also, if you have multiple browser make sure each one has Flash installed on it. If you have Flash on one it doesn't necessarily mean the others will have it. Each one handles stuff differently. Make sure that browser has Flash installed and up to date.

Also, check to see if your Flash is turned on. It may be turned off or not working properly. If it is not working properly, uninstall it, then re-install it.

Adobe Flash:

Use a Different Browser

If it is not working on the current browser you are using and you have tried the above step try a different browser and see if it works.

Here is a list of popular web browser you can try:

Google Chrome

Clear Cache/Cookies

This is fairly simple. Just go to your internet options/tools and click Clear Cache/Cookies. You should also see some other options (such as delete browsing history, delete Temporary Internet files, etc.).

Blocked by Firewall

In some cases it may be your Firewall blocking DN from loading. Check to see if your Firewall is blocking Dn from fully loading. Since Firewall software differs (and I am not familiar with all the options that you could have)I cannot give you instructions on how to do so.

Permission Blocked

On some operating systems you can have multiple user accounts (almost all of them now give you this option). There are two basic types of accounts: Basic and Administrative. Check to see if you have an admin. account on your computer. If you are on a basic account DN may be blocked due to permission issues.


Certain devices (such as an iPad) cannot view Flash, and therefor cannot load DN. Make sure you are using a computer/laptop or device that has Flash. (Be sure to also have it updated to the latest version). Like I said, DN is best viewed on a computer/Laptop.

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