How to host Unofficial Tournaments

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How to host Unofficial Tournaments

Post  Poddy on 2011-05-23, 19:05

This section of the forum was made for you who want to host tournaments but are not part of the staff team , yet we cannot allow every single person to go and host a tournament and we end with 100 different tournaments going on in the same time so there will be a few rules set up

1.There will be only 1 Unofficial Tournament per month (the number may increase in time if i like the results you show)

2.Since there will be more then 1 request i ll be personally choosing which tournament will be given green light

3.If you get permission to proceed and host your tournament what you do and how you handle it will be your responsibility yet if i don't like something about it i might get involved

4.The deadline you have for your tournament is 1 month which include sign ups too that means if you start on june 15th you have to end on july 15th (exception for extension may be made if you request with a proper reason)

5.You can host any kind or format of tournament of course being too simple or overdoing it with the special rules might result in that your tournament to be not chosen so be careful

6.This rule is more towards the participants , please respect the hosts and the time they invest into hosting a tournament for you if you cant meet simple deadlines and complete your duels please don't join

In order to make a request form you have to create a topic in the section with topic name "*Your Name* Tournament Request" and fill up the info about your tournament

If you are selected you will receive a pm by me , if not you can try next time

Here is how well made tournament topic looks like you can use it as example

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