Member Titles and Colours

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Member Titles and Colours

Post  Adept VantageSP on 2011-09-18, 02:36

Many new members ask what the member titles are and/or what the colours mean. In this topic I will go through each one and hopefully let people know what it all means! Let's get started.

Member Titles

First off I will start with the member titles.

Here is the table for the posts required to reach the next member title.

Newbie: 0 Posts
Junior Member: 25 Posts
Member: 100 Posts
Senior Member: 250 Posts
VIP Member: 500 Posts
Elite Member: 1000 Posts

Currently there is nothing above elite for regular members.

Staff Positions

Forums have both Moderators and Admins. Sometimes customs staff positions are made. Here I will show you each staff position and their corresponding colour.
In-game administrators - They have no moderation powers over the forum but can still help with DN in-game issues.

- Judges are responsible for keeping track of in progress wars between teams. Any issues in wars will be resolved by these Judges.

Forum moderators - Forum Mods patrol the forum and keep the place clean and safe for users. They also perform small tasks around the forum such as locking topics, deleting posts and banning members.

Administrators - These are the heads of the forum. They do all the background work and make sure the place is kept in check. They are the backbone of the forum and keep it running.

NOTE: Some Judges are also Moderators. Their name remains yellow to make them more noticeable to members. Also, the Head admin has the most permission on the forum.

Special Staff Positions

Chatbox Moderator - These staff members are granted special powers in the chatbox. They can clear the chat, kick members, ban members and unban members. If you catch a chatbox mod misusing this power contact an Admin.

Chatbox mods have an "@" symbol by their name and will most likely have a coloured name.

NOTE - The Detonator (Head Admin) has a crown by his name as well as an "@". This means he has the most chat powers.

NOTE 2: Mods cannot ban/kick mods. Only a staff member of higher position can kick them. Admins can kick mods, but mods cannot kick admins.

Other Things of Note

Some members (Most Likely Staff) have little titles under their name (under avatar). Mine says "The Tempest" underneath "vantagesp". This means absolutely nothing, it is just something put there for fun.

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