OYT Weekend Weekly! (16 Players!) Registering now!

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OYT Weekend Weekly! (16 Players!) Registering now!

Post  Superhotglue on 2011-09-21, 22:34

Welcome to the first Online Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournaments Weekend Weekly! I know the name isn't very original but I plan to bring more tournaments to DN with a more "official" feel. I know there are official tournaments but we will have regular tournaments! Also in the future I plan to make bigger tournaments which will have REAL prizes!

On to this tournament. There will be a Weekend Weekly 16 player tournament (mostly) every week! As I build the website and get more tournaments running the weekly tournaments might get you into something like an invitational only tournament. This tournament will "start" on every Friday and carry on to at maximum 12:00 A.M. Monday. By then all duels should be completed.

- The banned decks are simple: No Exodia, Final Countdown, Burn, or FTK's.
- Side decks are permitted, completely changing decks is not allowed.
- It is single elimination until the final duel which will be a 2 of 3 match.
- Don't BS losing and don'e cheat. If you face this trouble please screen cap what's going on.
- Have fun!
More rules may be added. This is the first tournament I have made.

Please enter your DN name in a post below as well as your time zone. You and your dueling opponent must figure out the time you will duel.


NOTE: If 16 players are NOT registered by the weekend of: 9/23/11-9/25/11 this tournament will carry over to NEXT weekend!

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