Becoming a Dueling Network Forum Moderator

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Becoming a Dueling Network Forum Moderator

Post  Zero2Hero on 2011-10-05, 10:39

There are some that want to be Staff on Dueling Network, and some that rather be a Forum Moderator, maybe both. Follow these steps if you wanna get Recognized and up for the Position when a Spot Becomes Available.

Forum Moderator

  1. First Things first, is to be an Active Member of the Forums. When people know who you are, you know that part was done right. Being part of the Chatbox is also a great bonus because it lets people know your personality.

  2. A great history for good behavior on the Forums. It doesn't matter if people know you if it isn't for a good reason. Trolls are well known too after all. You wanna be the person that is kind, smart, and willing to help out.

  3. Once you got those two steps down, let the Forum Administrators know you're interested in the Job.

  4. Patience is Key, Most likely, there won't be an open position. Repeatedly asking to be a Moderator won't work. All you can do is be a Good Member in the Forum, and when needed, you'll be Promoted.

Once you're a Moderator, you'll be Merging Post, Locking Threads, and Censoring Swears.

@Chatbox Moderator

Just because you're a Forum Moderator doesn't mean you'll be given Chat Powers. Only the most trusted Staff Members are given Chat Powers.
You can recognize them by looking for the "@" before they're Username.

Best way to become a Chatbox Moderator:

  1. Have a Good History outside of the Chatbox

  2. Have a Good History in the Chatbox

  3. Having a History of Spamming the Chatbox isn't what you want to be known for, but that doesn't mean your chances are over. Following the Chat Rules faithfully can repair your Status.

  4. Always be Nice in the Chat. Starting Fights isn't what a Chatbox Moderation should be doing.

Once you're a Chatbox Moderator, never Abuse your powers, it will be taken away instantly.

Well, that's all for this FAQ. Good Luck!
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