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    2012-01-30, 08:58
    Message by Adept VantageSP - Squall and Rinoa
    Bringing back the classics for a bit.
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    2011-10-31, 20:35
    Message by Zero2Hero - Return
    Glad to have you back. It was a needed break.
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    2011-10-20, 14:49
    Message by Adept VantageSP - Sure
    Sounds Good!
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    2011-10-20, 14:28
    Message by DarkRiku - Test please
    My previous post please test it out by responding to my Visitor Message area. Thanks!
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    2011-10-20, 14:27
    Message by DarkRiku - Det
    I guess he hasn't been on yet to change my status to In-Game Admin yet.
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    2011-10-19, 15:07
    Message by Adept VantageSP - Nice
    I don't know why people don't use this often. It is a cool system.
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    2011-10-19, 14:15
    Message by DarkRiku - Visitor Message
    I believe I finally got my Visitor's Message area set up so that is another way to talk to me besides PM's
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    2011-10-17, 11:30
    Message by Adept VantageSP - Yeah...
    No words can describe the game. Not even awesome does it justice. It laughs in the face of perfection and 1 ups it.
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    2011-09-27, 13:25
    Message by Zero2Hero - Chrono Trigger
    Your Opinion does not Fail you. The game is beyond great. I might just buy the DS Version so I can play it on the go anytime.
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    2011-09-27, 13:22
    Message by Adept VantageSP - Chrono Trigger
    Chrono Trigger, nice. Best Game ever IMO.
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