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  1. Chaos340
    2011-06-13, 22:59
    Message by Chaos340
    Can i change my deck or no. I want to change it because i poste dmy decklist to early d well i didnt test it. at all.
    I f i'm able to change my deck heres the decklist.

    x3 xx-saber boggart knight
    x3 darksoul
    x3 emmersblade
    x3 faultroll
    x3 fulhelm knight
    1 yamata dragon

    1 book of da moon ^_^
    1 dark hole
    1 trunade
    2 MST
    1 ROTA
    x2 e-con

    Traps: 14
    x2 bottomless trap hole
    x2 d-prison
    x2gottoms e-call
    x2 saber hole
    x2 trap stun
    1 mirror force
    1torrential tribute

    Side Deck:15
    x2 puppet plant
    x2 corriders of agony
    x2 jujitsu master
    x2 sytem down
    x2 chain disappearance
    x2 light imprisoning mirror
    x2 dust tornado
    1 mirror of oath

    Xtra deck:15
    x2 hyunlei
    ancient fairy
    black rose
    colossal fighter
    naturia barkion
    naturia beast
    scrap dragon
    stardust dragon
    x-saber souza

    If i can make it into the tourney i realy appreciate you letting me change decks.Well ths the deck i hope you approve.
  2. avatar
    2011-06-08, 17:29
    Message by argiv - the dueling network tourny deck
    my decks name is dragons deck and what is contaned in there is
    3 blue eyes dragons
    1 dragon ice
    1 dragons gunfire
    3 red-eyes darkness metal dragons
    3 red-eyes wyverns
    1 future fusion
    1 polymerization
    1 super polymerization
    2 bottomless trap holes
    2 magic cylinders
    2 D.D.R's
    3 hammer shot's
    1 burial from a different demension
    3 white stone of legend's
    1 fusion gate
    1 call of the haunted
    1 monster reborn
    2 MST's
    1 obelisk the tormentor
    1 terraforming
    1 clear vice dragon
    3 stamping destructions
    1 tyrant dragon
    1 dragonic knight

    my extra deck is:
    1 ancient fairy dragon
    1 black rose dragon
    1 brionic, dragon of the ice barrier
    3 five-headed dragons
    3 blue-eyes ultimutes
    1 hundred-eyes dragon
    3 stardust dragons

    thats all my cards exactly 40 cards plus a couple synchs and fusions hopefully i can join the tourny thnx. tongue Smile Laughing cheers lol!

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