Hello collective of the internets.

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Hello collective of the internets.

Post  Strikus on 2012-02-15, 14:48

Hi, I go by a lot of names, but here I'm Strikus Haotare (and I just now realized I forgot to put the last part in when I registered). In DN I go by Ikaru.

I was introduced to this site by a friend a few months back, and since then, I've grown to like playing -Australian accent- CARD GAMES ON THE INTERNET (points if you get it), though I'm still trying to grasp some rulings and concepts of it. I run multiple decks, but my favorites are Dark World/Fabled combinations and X-Sabers. Not a big fan of XYZ monsters and I'd rather run Blackwing/Six Samurai/Malefic/Verz/Steelswarm all in one deck before I use one of them.

Before registering, I more or less lurked the forums. And all I'm going to say is I hate kittens and ponies, so come at meh collective of the internets.

So, yeah, I'm gonna shut up now...


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Re: Hello collective of the internets.

Post  Roxzen on 2012-02-15, 14:55


I'm looking forward to work with you. Smile

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