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Post  Adept VantageSP on 2011-09-18, 02:47

Many of you may not be aware of how bans on the forum are dealt with. I am going to copy and paste what The Detonator has written about the subject. This is to let you, the member, know what to expect and what happens when you do what.

The Detonator wrote:Dueling Network Forums Ban Gudelines:

The ban times, reasons, and anything else referenced in this topic are final. Bans cannot be altered unless by appeal the ban length appears excessive. Also do note, that multiple consequences will stack Ban lengths if you commit offense multiple times before being caught, each offense will be treated separately and your ban will be given accordingly.

Bans are recorded, upon multiple offenses you will receive strikes just like you do in DuelingNetwork. Upon receiving a consecutive ban, these strikes will result in a lengthier penalty. After a certain amount of strikes I will remove your access to your account and the forum, it will also lead to a ban on DuelingNetwork.

- Aggressive messages, involving insults or derogatory comments.
1st offense: Verbal warning
2nd offense: 3 day Ban
3rd offense: 7 day Ban
4th offense: removal

- Messages that promote illegal practices such as: pornography, hacking and phishing.
1st offense: removal

- Plagiarism without crediting another original source.
1st offense: Verbal warning
2nd offense: 1 day ban
3rd offense: 3 day ban
4th offense: 7 day ban
5th offense: removal

- Spam: Includes double posting, not adhering to a topic, necro-posting and 1-5 word posts.
1st offense: Verbal warning
2nd offense: 1 day ban
3rd offense: 1 day ban
4th offense: 3 day ban
5th offense: 5 day ban
6th offense: removal

- Anything that may create a distraction which could cause members to panic. These can include threats.
1st offense: 7 day ban
2nd offense: removal

- Trolling.
1st offense: 3 day ban
2nd offense: 7 day ban
3rd offense: removal

- Unsuitable avatars or signatures
1st offense: Verbal warning
2nd offense: 3 day ban
3rd offense: 7 day ban
4th offense: removal

- Disrespecting staff or members.
1st offense: Verbal warning
2nd offense: 5 day ban
3rd offense: removal

*All verbal warning are given via Private Message.

*NOTE: This DOES NOT include the Chatbox rules. Chatbox rules and bans are handled separately/differently. But use common sense. The same basic rules apply for the Chatbox. Doing any of the above in the Chatbox will probably result in a ban from the Chatbox or a kick.
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