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Dueling Network FAQ

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Dueling Network FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

I haven't I received my confirmation e-mail! What do I do?
Check your spam/junk folder, it may have landed there. Also, give the e-mail 5 minutes in case it is delayed. If you still haven't received the e-mail, log into DN and have it submit a new confirmation e-mail. If you never get your confirmation e-mail, then you must have made a typo in your e-mail address. Create a new account. It is also known that Hotmail rejects emails from the Dueling Network server if a certain limit is met. Try using another email provider if you used a hotmail email.

I see "Connecting..." but it never connects. What do I do?
This is likely caused by a firewall blocking the connection. Try the following:
  • Disable any firewalls and/or proxy servers that may be blocking the connection
  • Update your flash player
  • Try other browsers
  • Clear your browser cache and refresh the webpage

If the above does not work, try this:

Dartz wrote:1. Go to Control Panel
2. Then, User And Accounts
3. Create New User.
4. Make sure you give administrator rights to your new user.
5. Go to the Dueling Network site and the game should work perfectly.

This is tested and working for everyone with this problem. Enjoy.

Also, Internet Download Manager might be the reason to mess up your internet settings, so uninstalling it will help Dueling Network to load & connect without problems.

I see "Rejected by server!". What does this mean?
It usually means the server received an incorrect password from the client. The password might have changed from when you last entered it. If this is the case, try logging in again. It may also mean you are running an old version of the client after an update was released. If this is the case, try refreshing the webpage and clearing your browser cache.

I see "Already logged into duel server elsewhere!". What does this mean?
This error means exactly what it says - you are logged in elsewhere. Log out from any other computers or browser windows that are logged into your account and try logging in again. You may also, for some reason, have a lingering connection on your computer. Try restarting your computer.

I see "Maximum user limit reached!". What does this mean?
This error means that the server is already filled with the maximum number of users it allows. You will be able to get in as soon as another user leaves or is timed out from inactivity, so just keep trying. As demand increases, we will try to support Dueling Network with a more powerful server that can handle more users at once.

How do I duel?
First, use the deck constructor to create a deck with at least 40 cards. Then go into the duel room and join a duel, or host a duel and accept a player who joins. Remember, dueling is manual.

How do I watch a duel?
Enter the duel room and select "Watch" for Mode. The duels listed are available for watching.

Why has the game forced me into watch mode?
You do not have a playable deck. Go into the deck constructor and build one with at least 40 cards.

What does ?/? mean in the duel room?
Rating/Reputation. This lets you gauge your opponent's status before dueling him.

How does the rating system work?
The rating system is a modified version of the Elo rating system, which is a method for calculating the relative skill levels of players in two player games and is used in chess, scrabble, and many other games. Every user starts with a rating of 100. Rating modifications are mostly based on the relative ratings of competing duelists, but card difference (hand and field) and remaining life points are also factored in slightly.

How is reputation awarded?
Reputation is gained from successfully completing rated duels. If the duel ends because a player admits defeat, that player receives +2 rep and the winner gets +1 rep. If the duel ends in a draw, both players get +1 rep. If a player quits, rep is not awarded to either player, but a win and loss are still applied. Thus, admitting defeat when you lose is in your own best interest.

My opponent is cheating, refusing to admit defeat, or is away from the computer in a rated duel. What do I do?
Contact any admin. Admins can making a ruling on what should be done and apply bans if necessary. If an admin is not online, resolve the issue as much as possible yourselves. If you cannot resolve the issue, attempt to reconcile with a draw. Never bother admins with issues in unrated duels.

The game has glitched, what do I do?
If it is a rated duel, contact an admin with provided screenshot if available.

What does the Call Admin button do?
If you press the Call Admin, you will be placed on the Call list for either one of the 5 choices you could have picked, an admin will get to you as soon as possible. Please do not PM an admin if he/she doesn't get to you right away, because chances are, you're one of the 25+ people who are calling for help.
Also, make sure you cancel your call if the situation is already solved before an admin arrives, for further information, click here.

I was disconnected from my duel and my rating decreased! What do I do?
A disconnect from a rated duel is a loss, whether it is because of a bad internet connection or an intentional quit.

Can you fix my rating stats?
No. We will not adjust rating stats for any user. Do not bother asking.

What are the different color usernames mean?
Red: Youself

Blue: Anyone else

Green: Admin
These guys are the people you should go to for problems in duels. They will handle ruling arguments, cheating, AFK and harassment.
Silver: Senior admin
Senior admins are more experienced with rulings than most of the regular Admins. If an admin can't solve a ruling problem, these are the guys to go to. Although you can just PM them for normal problems, it's best to just PM a regular admin because the Seniors will already be busy with difficult rulings issues.
Gold: Head Admin
They are the Managers of DN. They are busy keeping DN running and watching the other Admins. Although they can do everything the others can do, they are primarily for management, such as hiring and firing admins/senior admins. Avoid contacting them for lesser issues unless there are no admins and senior admins on.

Can I be an admin?
Read this post and decide if you want to.

How do I view other players' profiles?
Use the "Profile Viewer" in the main menu.

Can I change my username in the game?
No, we are not changing anyone's name in the game, please create a new account with the username you desired.

When will my favorite feature be added?
My to-do list is very long. I will get to it time permitting and based on priorities.
- Black Luster Soldier

Will drawing a duel affect my rating?
Yes a draw may increase or decrease your rating.

I am having an issue not listed above or found a bug. Who do I contact?
Look in the support section of this forum. If the issue is not already addressed there, create a new thread. If you found a bug, please e-mail bls@duelingnetwork.com with exact steps to reproduce the bug. Do not email me for email confirmation issues.

Important: Do not waste an admin's time, if an admin asks you for information, you give it to him/her without arguing. You could get punished by wasting an admin's time.
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