Help with this macro-city deck!!1!

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Help with this macro-city deck!!1!

Post  GreyZekrom on 2012-02-15, 18:05

Well...yesterday I was thinking in old decks and the city decks came to my mind. A little anti-meta deck using HERO engine and Geminis for teh lulz, and I realiced that one of the possible reasons for this deck to die was the lack of special summoning and then I decide to reborn it with some special summon power but then I discovered that this deck needs a lot of cards that doesn't fit in a 40 cards deck so I need help with the card proportion so here's the list:


Stratos. Obviously 1
Neos Alius. 3, right?
Wildheart. ?
Crusader of endymion. 3
Tuned magician. ?
D.D. Survivor. 2~3
D.D. Assailant. ?
Guardian eatos. 2
Summoner Monk. 1~2


Chaos Zone. ?
Reinforcement. 1
Emergency call. 2~3
Dimensional Fissure. 3
Gemini spark. 2~3
Photon Lead. 2~3


Macro Cosmos. 2~3
Skill Drain. 2~3
Solemn combo. 3
Magician's circle. ?

Extra Deck:


So...can you help me with the ?'s and the ~'s and another cards suggestions

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Re: Help with this macro-city deck!!1!

Post  RagnaTheBloodedge on 2012-02-15, 18:40

3 chaos zones 2 phontos allways 3 d.d survivors 1-2 magician's circle i would suggest some D-fissures

extra deck
im guessing for this ya know staple stuff figure out a way to fit in tempest magician ya know sense spell casters and whatever also sense running e-heros the shining obviously

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