Help for an infernity deck

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Help for an infernity deck

Post  KinRyuTen on 2012-02-03, 01:02

I'm working on an Infernity deck and I was wondering what would be some tips on running this kind of deck.

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Re: Help for an infernity deck

Post  Miror B. on 2012-02-03, 03:21

3x Archfiend
2-3x Necromancer
2x Mirage
0, 1 or 3 Beetle
1-2 Avenger
2x Grepher/Arma Knight/combo
0-2x Stygian Street

1x Launcher

3x Infernity Barrier
2-3x Infernity Inferno
0-2x Infernity Break

That's the basic idea of an Infernity build, minus obvious staples. The rest is consistency or techs. Tour Guide can be used to pull Necromancer from the deck. Trap Stun can protect yourself in a Trap Heavy format (which isn't exactly this format). Break is cool, but uneeded.

Also, do not play cards to just go handless. Play cards to go handless while setting up your Graveyard for mass plays. So no Lightning Vortex or Raigeki Break, they're always pretty bad.

Extra should have Brio, triple Hundred-Eyes, at least 1 Infernity Doom, a trish, and other lvl 6&8s with maybe a lvl 7 just in case.
Miror B.

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