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diamond knight

Post  joshjones on 2012-02-11, 08:09

3x diamond dude
2x malious
2x plasma
2x dogma
1x stratos
2x ocean
2x deep sea diva
1x plague spreader zobie
1x dark magician knight

1x reinforcement of the army
3x knights title
3x trade-in
2x destiny draw
2x miracle fusion
1x future fusion
2x poly
1x heavy
1x reborn
1x dark hole
2x pods

3x safe zone
1x mirror force
1x torrential tribute

2x destiny end dragoon
3x aboslute zero
1x dark e hero
1x gachi
1x catastor
1x brio
1x gaia
1x stardust
1x scrap dragon
1x thoughtruler
1x dark end dragon
1x trishula

while psz dose it best he needs some help, need one more card to get rid of cards in hand and still serve a purpose in the deck any ideas?

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